The Reality of Love

I found this post on Facebook I’m not posting the whole thing if you guys wanna see the whole thing let me know and I will shoot it over to you. What got my attention is she said a lot about what love is not but  Said very little On what she believes love should be and it creams I don’t love myself enough, I don’t deserve someone I can trust, and I go into a relationship fully expecting  Not to be able to trust the person I give my heart to .. Yikes!  What follows is what she said along with my opinion on that statement.

It’s not about finding someone who makes love easy – Call me a hopeless romantic but I think Love should be easy.

who cares for you unconditionally …   Keeping in mind that no one is perfect caring  Loving someone unconditionally means you accept their Imperfections.  Like for instance Some people’s Pet peeve (However it’s not mine) when someone leaves a lid up after they’ve gone to the bathroom.  Little things that make you wonder now why in the world do they keep doing that?  😂

It’s not about finding someone who never makes you question, – Sorry but if the man I love tells me hes going to work I want to be able to believe that’s what hes doing. I don’t wanna have to sit at home wondering if hes working late or not Like He said he was.

or get frustrated, – Yes I agree there we all get frustrated sometimes we have a disagreements all Marriages/relationships have occasionals issues to deal with but you should work together to get through it.

There are moments when you don’t fit quite right, when you don’t see eye-to-eye – True

when you doubt or have trouble trusting  –  Wrong  –  Question is why don’t you trust this person is there a Valid reason behind it?  I don’t know About you but I wouldn’t wanna be the someone I couldn’t trust.

The reality of love is that you will fall for an imperfect person, – True… one who will let you down and maybe hurt your heart at times. –  I’m sorry I have to disagree, imperfect yes, Let me down? No!  Hurt my heart after I trusted him with it absolutely not!  I have had enough of that to last a lifetime.   Shame on that person who could do such a thing after they trusted you with their heart.

She goes on to say….The reality of love is that no one will love you fully……. Then It ends with a bunch and nonsense.

I’ve learned the hard way That it is easy to find someone who will tell you they love you. What’s hard is Finding someone who actually means it. This girl has given up and is willing to settle for anything. I say don’t settle for anything less than you deserve… Life is too short.

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