Naysayers 2 for 1

I like to cover 2 subject matters in this 1. 1st is the Chinese CCP

You would think with all the floods, earthquakes, mudslides not to mention that virus they let loose on themselves and the world that the leaders there would have enough to deal with but No they’re picking fights with India And Taiwan.

I mean they have upwards of 630′ high Water levels in some places. Instead of taking care of that they’re passing laws violating their agreement with England one country 2 systems or something like that.

In any case they passed a law that pretty much says that anybody in the world that says anything against the CCP can be Extradited and put on trial in China And go to jail for the rest your life lol ….. I’m in trouble because I had a one of their Twitter feeds pop up on my feed and Couldn’t help it I told them where they Stood as far as America was concerned and I’m sure I would be in trouble if they could get ahold of me 😂 I’m not worried. From what I hear 70% of their country is under water and their leader is hiding & no One has seen him in a while. Hmmm

Now we’re talking about naysayers.

I was reading through some comments On YouTube on what I guess you call a page that I’m subscribed to. Now have to admit I have a crush on The guy he’s like eye candy And boy can he sing. His band is one of my favorite groups to listen to in any case the post was talking about that People were saying that hes not the one singing that song. well. I don’t believe that at all.

In any case that reminded me of my experience With Naysayers

I had something happened to me to where I was unable to walk for a while so I decided to get The outlines that I wrote for couple books out that I had started some time ago . As I finished the The 1st one, I had a couple people I won’t tell you who they are. They kept telling me you’re not gonna get published. You’ll be lucky if you get someone to even look at Your manuscript lit alone publish it. BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA.

Well I submitted it to Several different publishers. A week maybe 2 went by and I got this letter in the mail saying and graduations we Decided give your book the chance it deserves. That was publish America later known as American star books. There is more to the story But you get the idea.

Just because someone tells you you can’t do it Doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Published by Tangi

CNA TURNED FARMER & NOW AUTHOR I have loved Goats since I was young girl when my mom had one as a pet. I Owned & Ran a Goat Farm & love it for 8 was one of my favorite things to do. I learned animal husbandry, among other things I learned to make cheese and butter out of goat milk. I learned how to hatch and raise my own chickens I learned a lot from this venture and it was a rewarding experience. I am currently consecrating on my work as a writer. I have written 6 books, an article for Blackheath Dawn Magazine, read more about it below. I wrote a short story "The Good Teacher" for Windmills & Paper Boats for charity, and a chapter for Tyler Wagner's 100 person book titled Better Business Book Volume 4 and I had the honor of being on the cover of the Sept - Oct 2016 and the March/April 2017 Issue of Focus On Women Magazine. I also Attended the reception and The Women of Impact Gala sponsored by Focus On Women Magazine. I wrote an article for Black-heath Dawn Magazine that was published Dec 30, 2016 and I was a Featured Guest in Black-heath Dawn Magazine and was interviewed by Terry Gilbert-Fellows on Jan 1, 2017 I really enjoyed working with Terry. If you miss your chance to read the interview at the link above or the article at you can find it on my website G'day folks, Clancy's Blog (Clancy Tucker) Today, I interview an author who was once a Goat Farmer........... Click on link above to read the whole interview or go to my website. TANGINA ANN - GUEST AUTHOR I am on a lot of different social media Google my name and you will find me.... Check me out on facebook/tanginaann1, follow me on twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn. Thank Your For Your Time and Please Come Back Soon Sincerely Tangi

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