The Pain of Internet

I can remember when Internet first came out It would take for ever for you to get on and in no guarantees that you can stay on once you were there I mean you can walk away make dinner and come back and still not be on the Internet.

As time went on it seemed that the Internet got better and somewhat cheaper. With a push of a button you could be on the Internet and be on as long as you want with very little issues.

Until recently That is. Well let’s see internets got to the point That where some companies slowing the speed down to a craw or it’s going down all together.

The Ironic part is this isn’t happening just in America this is happening in other countries to I know this because I’ve talked to people. A couple of people I talk to in the Philippines say they’re not having that much trouble. But IM not sureWhat are used to.

To me if the Internet goes off for half A-day that’s a big deal you paid $87.22 for that month and it’s out more then it’s on? Called my internet company complaining and they told me The reason why it slow is because I’ve used all my data. Indicating they want me to buy more data and I asked him how long after I bought that data would I be out of data again? No reply.

I said I see you offer un limited on TV all the time in advertisements why can’t you give that deal to me? I did exactly get a reply one either, but either way you look at it doesn’t explain why my Internet is out for over a a 1/2 A-day at a time. Where I live If the internet is out I can’t make a phone call Unless I go two miles up the road. Not a fun situation to be in If you get hurt and need to call 911 you’re just stuck like Chuck what no way out and that’s not acceptable. I told him this I guess I can count myself lucky they gave me $20 a month off my bill for the next 3 months for my and convenience lol. They told me an engineer will be in touch with me and 2 or 3 days I’m not gonna hold my breath and the moment I hung up the Internet went out O my God help me. I Can’t get any work done because of these clowns.

I have a crush in England he is such a sweetheart.

He started having problems with the internet in March he changed Internet companies trying to fix an issue of not being able to get on the Internet and he seems to be having the same problem with the current Internet company what’s wrong with you guys? What ever happened to customer service and make a sure your customers are happy ?

Have you gotten so used to the fact that you think people need Internet that you can just take Advantage of people or what? Then he had a hacker that was deleting his email when I sent him an email he said he seen it come up and it would literally just disappear before he could read it. I have my own idea of what might have been going on there.

I really don’t know what his living arrangement is there but from what understand he lives Some people he works with in a studio. I’m one of those Kind of people that I don’t care how you live your life or run your business I don’t care. What I do care about is when you have a manager who lives in a whole different town hours away from where you currently live and work telling you that you have to tell them when you wanna get on the Internet or on Facebook you have to literally have this person’s permission to do anything .

There’s a BIG RED FLAG there. Being a writer There are a couple different scenarios I can think of That could be going on there, and NEITHER of them is good.

No one regardless of your relationship should have that kind of control over your life.

In any case so much for the Internet saga I wonder if things will ever get better or are they just going to get worse?

What do you think?

Published by Tangi

CNA TURNED FARMER & NOW AUTHOR I have loved Goats since I was young girl when my mom had one as a pet. I Owned & Ran a Goat Farm & love it for 8 was one of my favorite things to do. I learned animal husbandry, among other things I learned to make cheese and butter out of goat milk. I learned how to hatch and raise my own chickens I learned a lot from this venture and it was a rewarding experience. I am currently consecrating on my work as a writer. I have written 6 books, an article for Blackheath Dawn Magazine, read more about it below. I wrote a short story "The Good Teacher" for Windmills & Paper Boats for charity, and a chapter for Tyler Wagner's 100 person book titled Better Business Book Volume 4 and I had the honor of being on the cover of the Sept - Oct 2016 and the March/April 2017 Issue of Focus On Women Magazine. I also Attended the reception and The Women of Impact Gala sponsored by Focus On Women Magazine. I wrote an article for Black-heath Dawn Magazine that was published Dec 30, 2016 and I was a Featured Guest in Black-heath Dawn Magazine and was interviewed by Terry Gilbert-Fellows on Jan 1, 2017 I really enjoyed working with Terry. If you miss your chance to read the interview at the link above or the article at you can find it on my website G'day folks, Clancy's Blog (Clancy Tucker) Today, I interview an author who was once a Goat Farmer........... Click on link above to read the whole interview or go to my website. TANGINA ANN - GUEST AUTHOR I am on a lot of different social media Google my name and you will find me.... Check me out on facebook/tanginaann1, follow me on twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn. Thank Your For Your Time and Please Come Back Soon Sincerely Tangi

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