Life…Can’t promise you Peaches

You know life doesn’t always hand you a can of peaches. You have to work for them and sometimes you have to make those peaches into a cobbler.

In my Bio Section of this page I tell tell you that I was a CNA then I was a farmer and then I became an author but let me tell you some of why things turned the way they did.

Making a long Story Short

I worked as a nursing assistant since I was 17 years old I was about 30 years old when I was in two accidents within 30 days. My previous plans though was to move to Florida because unlike Pennsylvania you can make over $10 an hour and I had three kids to take care of.

What I didn’t know until the doctor told me when I told him that I was going to Florida he says you’re going to go to Florida and still be a nursing assistant is that right? Keeping in mind he’s been trying to get me to find other forms of work because it those accidents did so much damage to my back and neck. He says if you go there and continue on with this line of work he says I’ve tried not to tell you this but I’ve got to now be cause I don’t want to responsible for something happening to you. If you keep doing this you will not be walking Within the next 6 months if you do not stop this line of work.

My plans are already laid and cement so to speak I’ve already made commitments which I would have to break at least one of them because of what the doctor had just told me. I had him give me a note so that it would not go against me and Workforce because I had to tell the people I currently had a job with in Florida that I couldn’t continue on in that line of work.

So I went to Florida and I found work in a couple factories over the years. I’m leaving some of the events that led up to me owning a goat Ranch out .   Now that was a hard job it’s a 24-hour job it’s not something you can say okay it’s 5:00 I’m going home. But I enjoyed it I love goats and I didn’t realize it then but I like chickens too they’re kind of cute. I’ve had a variety a different animals on my farm. Someday soon I’ll tell you about all that in any case. 8 years later I found myself unable to walk at that time it was plantar fasciitis and it since then it’s gotten to the point of no return or some people recover I did not it went into plantar fasciosis. Then other things like tarsal tunnel and diabetic nerve allopathy started taking effect into my feet and then as time went on develop a bone spur in my knee. It became clear that it was not going to be able to continue on that line of work.

I made other plans to try to compensate for it in a business sense but it didn’t work out for a lot of reasons some of which was not my doing. Seeing what was on the arisen  I had to try to figure out what to do with my life from here. My daughter and I talking one morning she says mom you got two books you started writing some time ago why don’t you work on those since you can’t work it’ll give you something to do to pass the time. So she went and got them out of file cabinet for me and I went to work I wrote my First Book on a tablet because I couldn’t walk to the room where my computer was and even if I got there how would I get back. Yeah, I was a mess. But such is life you got to try to make the best of everything that happens to the best of your ability. So working on this tablet which I had a little keyboard to go with it so it made it easier I finished my first book and then my second within months of each other primary cuz I have majority of it already written I just had to put it in a manuscript and edit it and hate to tell you this but it’s not easy to edit stuff like that on a tablet it didn’t work out as good as I hoped.

As I got close to being finished with my first book, I had people tell me oh you’re never going to get published you’re never going to do this so you’re not going to be able to do that.

I mean all negative stuff. If I listen to those people I would never have achieved what I have.

Am I Millionaire?

No but I have succeeded in ways I never thought I would in his business even though I still have others still trying to put a wrench in the mix trying to stop me from doing anything constructive I refuse to let anybody stop me from doing what I enjoy doing.

While these people were saying these things to me I went ahead and sent out my manuscript to several publishers.

To everybody else’s surprise I  received a 5 year contract for short stories in our life a little girl blue. Which has a five-star rating and a glowing review. I received contract  not just for the first book but three or four others.

That company has since gone out of business and I have became a self-publisher most of all my books I’ve republished most of my books except for one right now is back on the market I really should work on that book to get back there but I started on a new one maybe I’ll work on that in between working on this book and canning, I don’t know yet.

In any case if anybody tells you, you can’t do this as long as it’s not against the law don’t listen to them.   There are several reasons why I think people do that.   sometimes it maybe jealousy sometimes they just don’t want to see you succeed in anything and it doesn’t matter which one it is it’s up to you not to let them stop you from fulfilling your dream.

It is also important to remember that things may not go exactly the way you expect them to and that’s okay go with the flow

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Published by Tangi

CNA TURNED FARMER & NOW AUTHOR I have loved Goats since I was young girl when my mom had one as a pet. I Owned & Ran a Goat Farm & love it for 8 was one of my favorite things to do. I learned animal husbandry, among other things I learned to make cheese and butter out of goat milk. I learned how to hatch and raise my own chickens I learned a lot from this venture and it was a rewarding experience. I am currently consecrating on my work as a writer. I have written 6 books, an article for Blackheath Dawn Magazine, read more about it below. I wrote a short story "The Good Teacher" for Windmills & Paper Boats for charity, and a chapter for Tyler Wagner's 100 person book titled Better Business Book Volume 4 and I had the honor of being on the cover of the Sept - Oct 2016 and the March/April 2017 Issue of Focus On Women Magazine. I also Attended the reception and The Women of Impact Gala sponsored by Focus On Women Magazine. I wrote an article for Black-heath Dawn Magazine that was published Dec 30, 2016 and I was a Featured Guest in Black-heath Dawn Magazine and was interviewed by Terry Gilbert-Fellows on Jan 1, 2017 I really enjoyed working with Terry. If you miss your chance to read the interview at the link above or the article at you can find it on my website G'day folks, Clancy's Blog (Clancy Tucker) Today, I interview an author who was once a Goat Farmer........... Click on link above to read the whole interview or go to my website. TANGINA ANN - GUEST AUTHOR I am on a lot of different social media Google my name and you will find me.... Check me out on facebook/tanginaann1, follow me on twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn. Thank Your For Your Time and Please Come Back Soon Sincerely Tangi

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