It is hard to tell you about My business with out telling you about who I am. I am a survivor and I have known the feeling you get when you Say to your self What’s the Use? Why Keep Trying? The awnser that keeps coming to mind is if you don’t try you’ll never know if it will work or not. Some of the things that has happened to me in the last few years would have never happened if I had listened to the naysayers who said as I was writing my first book your waisting your time, your never going to get published. and to the voice that you sometimes hear coming from in side your own head …. What’s the Use …. Well if I would have listened to that voice and the others who didn’t have my best interest in mind I would have never written my first book let a lone my 8th going on 9 books. I would have never met some my new found friends, Gone to a Gala, been on a front of Focus on Women Magazine not once but 3 times, had the honor of being a featured guest writer or to be interviewed by a number of Magazines and Blogs. I wrote a short story for the Author of Windmills and Paperboats for charity, a chapter for a best selling book The Better Business Book Vol 4. My poem It Was is published in a book called Universal Oneness on page 487 although it wasn’t published in it’s origional form. Two books have 5 out of 5 stars Reviews. Not bad Hah … Ignore the naysayers and live your Dream.


Romance, Mystery, Adventure, History and a Bit of SyFy

What More Do You Need

Let’s build something together.

Tangi, Joslyn Wolfe, and Rebecca

At the Women of Impact Gala in Baltimore Maryland 2017

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