Moments After a Rain

Moments after a Rain

The Crisis has Passed

Most of us think the crisis has past and for the most part I believe it has. What has me puzzled is why when Russia attacked Ukraine why did everything about covid 19 just seemingly go away. I’d be interested to hear what you have to say. I believe that Covid was a real Killer though most of us have survived it. I lost several family members and friends to this Virus. Some believe that this virus was a product of gain of function Research that sadly was finance by some in this country. Some may have another opinion on this subject regardless of what your opinion is the fact is millions of people worldwide have lost their lives because of this virus & some of those who have survived have what is being called Long Covid. Symptoms that could last a lifetime. So……. Why has it all but disappeared in most part off the news reports and other social media?

In memory of My niece Sonya Passed a way from covid 19 April 2021