Just be cause you don’t like someone, something or agree with what they say dosen’t give you the right to attack them or loot their stores.  Protesters have a right to protest peacefully but not to disrupt other people’s lives

What is Normal

A week ago today I went in to have an operation to have a tumor removed because it wasn’t one of those that was on the surface they had to do it in an operating Room. While I was getting all the paperwork done, Well let’s go back a little bit I just arrived andContinue reading “What is Normal”

Miss Ya & Always Will 💜

When I first saw you I knew something was different about you I wanna talk to you for a long time but I didn’t have the courage to talk to you at all. I thank God every day that he brought you into my life. Love is something that is hard to recover from sometimesContinue reading “Miss Ya & Always Will 💜”

Your welcome to Come to

All the authors, readers and fans of Tangina Ann are invited for the discussion with all due respect.  Kindly join! Your participation matters to us a lot. Be there!  View this post on Instagram Want to be a part of a book discussion? Here's what we have for all you book lovers! We are conductingContinue reading “Your welcome to Come to”

Book Discussion

Come Join us Tomorrow 11:30 EST we will talk about my new book. &/OR For 1000s of years things have remained the same. Have you ever wondered why in the last 100 years things have progressed from riding a horse To driving a car? Why now? Why this time in history? This bookContinue reading “Book Discussion”