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Miss Ya & Always Will 💜

When I first saw you I knew something was different about you I wanna talk to you for a long time but I didn’t have the courage to talk to you at all. I thank God every day that he brought you into my life. Love is something that is hard to recover from sometimesContinue reading “Miss Ya & Always Will 💜”

I’m Back

Was gone for a little bit I had to have surgery. I am on a mend and Like the title says I’m back. I’ll be back full time in the next day or so driving you guys nuts with my post anyway 🙂 Have a Great Day and I’ll see you all later. love you

Starting in a Few

Are you coming Click the link to join View this post on Instagram Want to be a part of a book discussion? Here's what we have for all you book lovers! We are conducting book discussions with our authors who have been a valuable member of AllAuthor throughout. To begin with, the book we willContinue reading “Starting in a Few”

Pick One

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Book Discussion

Come Join us Tomorrow 11:30 EST we will talk about my new book. &/OR For 1000s of years things have remained the same. Have you ever wondered why in the last 100 years things have progressed from riding a horse To driving a car? Why now? Why this time in history? This bookContinue reading “Book Discussion”