I went on Amazon today to check if a book I just published was on amazon or barns and noble yet, and to my surprise a book that has been out of stock for some time. The very same one I’m working on putting on my computer so I can self publish it to get it back on the market was on there as big as life, with a phony ASIN #. What was even more surprising was the price they were asking for it. $898.98 and another company had it up for sale for over $1000.00

Holy molly! Naturally I wrote those companies asking them where they bought this book at, why were they asking so much for that book. On top of that, I haven’t been paid for the sale of those books. American Star Books as far as I know has been out of business for 2 or 3 years now. This is not the first time I seen this book being sold for a ridicules’ amount of money. Hey I knew it was good but for someone to pay that much for it, it must be lined with gold. Unbelievable!

Published by Tangi

CNA TURNED FARMER & NOW AUTHOR I have loved Goats since I was young girl when my mom had one as a pet. I Owned & Ran a Goat Farm & love it for 8 was one of my favorite things to do. I learned animal husbandry, among other things I learned to make cheese and butter out of goat milk. I learned how to hatch and raise my own chickens I learned a lot from this venture and it was a rewarding experience. I am currently consecrating on my work as a writer. I have written 6 books, an article for Blackheath Dawn Magazine, read more about it below. I wrote a short story "The Good Teacher" for Windmills & Paper Boats for charity, and a chapter for Tyler Wagner's 100 person book titled Better Business Book Volume 4 and I had the honor of being on the cover of the Sept - Oct 2016 and the March/April 2017 Issue of Focus On Women Magazine. I also Attended the reception and The Women of Impact Gala sponsored by Focus On Women Magazine. I wrote an article for Black-heath Dawn Magazine that was published Dec 30, 2016 and I was a Featured Guest in Black-heath Dawn Magazine and was interviewed by Terry Gilbert-Fellows on Jan 1, 2017 I really enjoyed working with Terry. If you miss your chance to read the interview at the link above or the article at you can find it on my website G'day folks, Clancy's Blog (Clancy Tucker) Today, I interview an author who was once a Goat Farmer........... Click on link above to read the whole interview or go to my website. TANGINA ANN - GUEST AUTHOR I am on a lot of different social media Google my name and you will find me.... Check me out on facebook/tanginaann1, follow me on twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn. Thank Your For Your Time and Please Come Back Soon Sincerely Tangi

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